Our Secondary Program Strategy…..continued!

We are engaging our community in our Secondary Program Strategy consultation.

We believe we are on the road to insuring that all of our secondary schools are great schools that offer all pathways to our students so they can remain in the secondary schools which is closest to their home.  We are expanding the course selection process so that student voice informs the creation of the option sheet.  We are also being more strategic regarding where we place specialty programs that we are calling Tier 3, programs that need a special facility or a certain number of students.

We also understand that socio-economic diversity in our schools supports our students’ learning.  And yet, we know that the majority of our students do not travel far from their home schools which impacts the socio-economic diversity in our schools.  We also understand that the reputations that schools possess may hurts the “system of great schools” we are trying to create.  We are examining our boundaries, our program placement and most importantly our beliefs and attitudes towards our students.  We have to believe that each and every student WILL succeed because we are providing a learning environment that meets their interests, strengths, and needs.

This student success is also grounded in changes that we are making to the learning environment.  We are grappling with what personalized learning means and how technology and digital resources support the type of learning that I have described in my previous blogs.

We are in the midst of a major change, and this is may be challenging to our community.  And yet, there is a  opportunity before us to revitalize our secondary schools so that our students achieve. This revitalization may challenge us to confront some of our preconceived notions about our students, our schools and our neighbourhoods.   As a school system, we cannot bring about all of the changes that may benefit our students, our families and our community on our own.  Together we can make the difference for our students.

The following piece appreared in the Spectator last week. http://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/2877760-reimagining-secondary-education/

I also created a very brief video that explains our strategy.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3asJlxbWWc&feature=youtu.be

By the end of June, our Board will be making significant decisions that will impact secondary students for many years to come.  It is important for your voice to be heard!!


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