Students will inform our program strategy!

I cannot believe it is already the middle of October! The first six weeks of school have provided us with new opportunities for learning as well as some challenges too! I had every intention to be a more regular blogger this school year. I was not successful during the first six weeks of school but it is time to ‘turn over a new leaf,’ an appropriate image for October.

Our secondary program strategy is front and centre these days in HWDSB. I am going to have the opportunity over the next few weeks to engage our students through the Director’s Student Voice Forums to explore this important strategy. Over 500 students will be participating in person at the Forums and all of our secondary students will also be invited to participate online.

We will have fewer secondary schools in HWDSB as we move forward. The closing or merging of schools is difficult but it also provides us with opportunities.

Our secondary program strategy is founded on three key principles:

  1. Every secondary school in HWDSB is a great school
  2. Students will have enhanced program choices in their local school.
  3. Equitable access will be provided to specific programs.

We are turning to our students to help us understand what makes each and every high school great. We are asking them to assist us to understand the kinds of choices they want to have in terms of their learning. We want to do everything we can to be sure our students are successful. Our challenge as educators will be to respond to what we learn from our students!

We are excited about the work ahead. Stay tuned as I will be using this blog to provide insights along the way. I look forward to hearing from you regarding what makes our schools great because they provide our students with programs and learning environments that meet their interests, strengths and needs. Thank you in advance for your voice!

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1 Response to Students will inform our program strategy!

  1. Sue Dunlop says:

    Looking forward to hearing what comes out of the student forums and how we will respond as a board. There are exciting opportunities ahead.


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