All Students Learning!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope that this amazing weekend provided an opportunity for each of us to experience gratitude for our family and friends who support us.

Today is also my first blog.  I have been exploring the world of social media these last few months realizing that this medium provides an important opportunity to connect, to learn and to communicate.

As the Director of Education in the Hamilton-Wentworth District Board, I have the privilege of serving 49,000 students in 115 schools.  I also have the privilege of working with talented staff and dedicated trustees who continuously focus on our students’ strengths and needs so that they are achieving and they experience a sense of well-being in our schools.  We are making our schools engaging places for our students so that they achieve their full potential.

Our Strategic Directions remind us that “Achievement Matters, Engagement Matters and Equity Matters”.  In the context of these Strategic Directions we are committed to “Knowing our students, Knowing our staff, and Knowing our parents and communities.  We do not use the word “knowing” lightly……When we say we know our students, we understand their interests, their strengths, their learning style and their needs AND we respond.  “Knowing” is a powerful action.

My blog is called “All Students Learning” because we will accept nothing less in our schools.  We hold high expectations for our students and for our staff and we support each other because we believe that we can create the environment that allows our students to excel because our staff has the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to make this happen.  Further, we are creating a culture of collaborative inquiry in Hamilton-Wentworth so that no professional in our system is alone; rather, we are willing to bring our experience and expertise to the table and we are willing to admit when we do not know something relying on our colleagues to assist.  Everyone in Hamilton-Wentworth is a learner and this is the way we will improve as a school district, in each school and in each and every classroom.

Building on past achievements, we are engaged in a very exciting time here in Hamilton.  My hope is that I will be able to use this blog to capture what is happening, to engage you, to learn from you and to offer reflections about our experience of “All students learning” .  Your insights are welcome.

I look forward to this new adventure!!  Please note that you can also find me on Twitter  @malloy_john.

I would also like to share with you my opening presentation to the system this past August which illustrates our direction.



Looking forward to learning with you!



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22 Responses to All Students Learning!!!

  1. apuley says:

    It is very exciting to have you here in the Commons. This forum is THE penultimate place to collect the voice of our students and staff of HWDSB. This, the most collaborative of spaces, will allow us all to collaborate, share, and grow as members of the HWDSB learning community in a variety of ways. Here, our voices will become one and together we will define a new era of learning. Welcome!


  2. tro says:

    Welcome to the Commons! I would agree with @apuley and say that the Commons is an online community where HWDSB staff and student voices can be heard across the system and a forum where we can colearn with each other. I look forward to learning with you.


  3. hsiwak says:

    Wow. I am absolutely thrilled to see that the Director of Education in our board has begun a blog on The Commmons. Welcome to a place where everyone is a learner!


  4. adunsige says:

    I’m so excited to read your blog post! I love the high expectations that you help all of us set for each and every one of our students. I love forward to reading your future posts and reflections throughout the year!



  5. wsinclai6069 says:

    Welcome to the commons!


  6. cwaters5755 says:

    hello,welcome to the commons.


  7. bvandall6650 says:

    hio, im ben grade 6 at central! welcome to the commens!


  8. cwaters5755 says:

    hi I like your blog.


  9. dclassen8033 says:

    hello,my name is dexter.i own a blog you should check it out. its called BLABBER:)


  10. kpyringe1766 says:

    Hello, welcome to the commons .


  11. kcrowe3960 says:

    Hi, and welcome to the commons it’s so cool that you have a blog here. You should check out class 62s blogs and see what were up to.


  12. bmuldoon0115 says:

    hello,welcome to the hwdsb commons i hope you will enjoy itall of us have blogs too mine is called talker you should check it out sometime.


  13. sneufeld6760 says:

    Hello i wish you a happy commons exploring, please visit my blog it’s called “willy wonka and Sneufeld6760 adventures”.


  14. mricher9352 says:

    Welcome to the commons. I will be looking forward to be checking out your blog. I would love for you to check out my blog. It is called The Best Things in Life.


  15. lmonk0958 says:

    Hi, welcome to the commons.


  16. nzyba1793 says:

    Hello I love that the Director of Education is here. Please check out my blog.


  17. mtruax1782 says:

    Hi, welcom to the commons. Pleas look at my blog it’s called ”IT’S ALL ME”.


  18. tgordon7696 says:

    hello,welcome to the commons


  19. Congratulations! I will enjoy reading your entries and learning with you. Not only is this another opportunity to build capacity with HWDSB folks, but also in the greater educator community! New teachers will appreciate this example of transparency and modelling. Thank you!


  20. John Malloy says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments! This is a great start to our journey together as we learn and connect throughout HWDSB thanks to The Commons. Keep up the great work!


  21. Diane Lester says:

    Welcome. I too have never blogged lol. This will be a handy tool for our organization bullyingblows and Open Minds to use to keep you updated on our progress with our anti-bullying campaign. Thank you for your support Sir.


  22. lneale says:

    Welcome to the HWDSB COMMONS John. A learning space where all share their voice, collaborate and make connections. It is exciting for all!


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